Things you need to know about world's first Electric Self-drive tractor

The Monarch tractor; Also known as the Tesla of tractors , aims at changing the face and future of farming across the world. The Monarch tractor is fulfilling the distant dream of many by integrating electric, autonomous, and smart technologies into existing farm operations.

The Electric self drive tractors will not only shift the era of agriculture and farming but it will create a technological development in the farming industry. The development of the electric and fuel efficient vehicle have taken a turn over since the automobile industry switched to electric vehicles. What seemed a distant dream, today is possible only due to fastly emerging battery power propelling transport options available of all sizes, scales and shapes.

With the introduction of Monarch Tractor the farmers can expect clean energy technology. The company believes that the electric power ought not to be reserved for cars, bikes and other mobility options but has a very real use-case scenario for farm-based application as well. This technology will not only benefit the company and global architectural sector but it will create a huge impact on India, which is the second largest food producer. The evolution of modern practices will definitely take a turn around with the implementation of self driven electric tractors in India.

And this is precisely where Praveen Penmetsa, Co-Founder of and CEO at Monarch Tractor sees potential. “India has always figured prominently in our plans even if the company has its HQ in Silicon Valley and the technology is being made there,” he claims! "Some of our early electric tractor prototypes were actually deployed in India around six to seven years ago. We have a history to check that our technology is suitable for Indian farmers".

Monarch Tractor – Key Specs

Peak Power

70 hp

Continuous Power

40 hp

Tractor run time

10 hours


Automated & Manual Transmission


147 inches


44.1 inches


92 inches


85 inches

Turning Radius

9 feet

Battery charge time

Four to Five hours (80A charger)

But the question arises, is India ready for electric tractors ?

While the machines have taken over the traditional way of farming or carrying out agricultural practices, the major threat lies in carrying out the operations in farming land. Being the third most dangerous job, after mining and construction, farming has yet seen a decline in the sector due to its dull, dangerous and dirty job routines. Penmetsa claims, “From a moral point of view, our whole philosophy is that if we can take existing people and make it a creative and profitable gig we will start seeing more people coming to farming than leaving it."

Penmetsa claims that Monarch Tractor has a clear strategy in place already. “Right from Day 1, we are in the Indian ecosystem for the supply chain. It is a lot easier to get into the Indian supply chain because a lot of strategic investors are already present in the Indian supply chain.

Hence, Penmetsa claims, the prospect are great and soon the country will see the world’s first autonomous, electric tractor make its official unveil in the country.

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